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Yet, I continued to study my passions for wellness and earned degrees in Psychology, NLP, Yoga & Pilates while still keeping my meditation practice for the most part.


I also ran a Pilates studio in Nun’s Island, which confirmed my passion for wellness & business. This enabled me to find a path that would incorporate my experiences & passions; leading to my Lifestyle Business.


I offer you the opportunity of a rich life, through different mediums; Coaching, Yoga, Fitness and Meditation Programs. In the hopes that we inspire each other, and that the path to wellness and a zen lifestyle is on the horizon.


Looking forward to meeting you.


Love and well being,


Melanie Belzile






A Wellness Coach, a Yoga & Pilates Instructor and owner of a Lifestyle boutique. 


My passion for wellness goes back to early childhood. I started meditating at the age of nine in our home with my family.


In the summer, we travelled to Old Orchard Beach and continued on to an Ashram sanctuary. We practised Yoga, meditation, chanted powerful mantras and attended conferences on the meaning of life. 


The simple practice of meditation allowed me to experience the perfection of our being, often referred as Enlightenment. In a nutshell, when we take the time to be completely still and present; we connect deeply with ourselves and experience the magnificence of our being. 


In this state, there are simply no questions, no mind racing, self-doubt or judgment. It is simply us in our purest form; Pure energy. It is a state of pure bliss; Unconditional love for ourself and everyone around us.


I continued practising meditation for most of my teenage years. The feeling was amazing, yet I felt like I was not fitting into ‘normal’ society. I needed to rebel and leave aside my ‘spiritual journey’ for a while. My youth awaited. I needed to explore life.





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